Welcome to Cosmic Collective

evolving and celebrating together through yoga and meditation, community, love, and compassion

About Cosmic Collective

Cosmic Collective is a spiritual community hosted by me, Jayadev Woodford, for people of all levels who are looking for spiritual practices and wisdom that addresses the whole person—the physical body and the energetic body, the mind and the emotions—as well as a spiritual community. 

You want to feel more whole, more confident, more connected. To evolve into your best self, and find greater meaning and community. That's why we're here. 

Cosmic Collective was created to offer sacred technologies for personal and collective evolution, where learning and growing together in community is the focus. Not only are there courses and classes but there are group discussions, community posts, and live discussions. This is a safe space where community is first. Unlike Facebook, there are no ads, no distractions, and no retargeting. Just expansion, celebration, and community. This is our space.

As part of the collective, you will learn powerful yogic techniques for expansion and increased access to your inherent bliss nature, including Himalayan kundalini practices and subtle kriyas, as well as Vedic astrology and heart-centered practices. We will also support each other in developing a consistent sādhāna, including daily meditation, so that we can develop a strong sense of inner strength and invincibility, handling everything that life throws at us with equanimity and poise. We will learn to use fear as a directional signal, leaning into it while we simultaneously relax and enjoy life. As a result you will feel calmer in your daily life but also have the direct experience of yoga, of unity. 

What's Inside

In the Collective, I offer courses and facilitate group discussions and events that make it  straightforward and simple to work toward your personal evolution in regular, yet manageable, chunks. This includes:

  • Yoga practice videos
  • Regular checkins
  • Wisdom talks, discussions, and Q&As 
  • Group discussions organized by topic: kriya, mantra, meditation, yogic wisdom, yoga book club, sādhāna, sacred ritual, The Work That Reconnects, etc. 
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining a consistent home practice
  • Member discounts on courses

In-Depth Online Courses

One of the best parts about the Collective is the workshops and courses. Every month there will be new workshops or courses, some live and some recorded. Some courses are included and others are available for an additional charge. 

Membership includes the Foundations of Elemental Yoga course. Other upcoming courses include:

  • A 4-week, mantra-based meditation initiation
  • A plant medicine integration group with weekly integration discussion and practices
  • A kriya yoga teacher training module
  • A Hanuman and the Divine Masculine course  

This Elemental Yoga practice has been extremely beneficial for me. I look forward to each new video that arrives. Chad is excellent at making his classes work for all levels and the way he explains each new set is extremely helpful. When so little is firm under our feet right now, Chad’s classes have grounded me. Each class I walk away feeling an inner sense of peace and calmness. I feel like a completely different person after this practice. I am really blown away by how pranayama can awaken our bodies and open us up to so much in this life. Try a class out and you won’t be disappointed.
— Lisa P.

Meet Jayadev

I teach a stye of yoga called Elemental Yoga that is based on Sattva Yoga, Himalayan Kundalini, Vinyasa, Bhakti, and classical Tantra. I am passionate about sharing these powerful teachings in an accessible way. Over the past decade of teaching yoga, I have studied with teachers in India, California, and New York, including Stephanie Snyder, Kia Miller, Anand Mehrotra, and Christopher Wallis. These powerful yoga practices I'm sharing have completely transformed my life. I went from searching for answers outside to discovering an expansive world of authentic personal freedom, love, and power within.

Until recently, I was living and training yoga teachers at Sattva Yoga Academy outside of Rishikesh, India. I returned to the U.S. in 2019 to focus on sharing what I have learned on my travels. 

I can't wait to join you on your journey toward wholeness! 

My Vision

I envision a future in which people are comfortable feeling their feelings and are truly free, from past conditioning and the opinions of others. In this new world, unity dominates over difference and wisdom takes priority over mere information and knowledge. Celebration and joy will be a common experience around the world. People will be simultaneously transcendent and acting with deep purpose on the material plane.

Benefits to Membership


By joining the community and practicing with us, you develop an overall feeling of confidence, vitality, and well-being. You will reduce stress and anxiety by learning to still your mind, making you more present in your daily life, in your work, and with loved ones. As you deepen your experience of silence, you will naturally develop greater focus and clarity. 

Emotions and Energy

A big part of the practice is learning to transmute lower emotions into higher ones, not by bypassing them but by creating a safe container to truly feel your feelings and then transform them. For example, anger becomes fierceness and determination; fear becomes radical trust. Through this process you begin to purify the energetic field so that you can experience radical aliveness and greater reservoirs of energy.

Expansion, Self-Mastery, and Liberation

As you expand your consciousness through the practices, you begin to have increased access to your intuition and innate creative intelligence, tapping into the infinite abundance of life. As you break negative patterns and habits and let go of old fears, illusions, and stories, you cultivate deeper trust and surrender. You feel more fulfilled, on-purpose, making better decisions. You shift out of the victim state, becoming the cause of your life and developing a deep feeling of invincibility and resolve, not from an egoic place but from a place of deep unity. Then you can use fear as a directional signal and lean into it. 

As you enter this state of unity, you naturally begin to offer yourself to the world with great generosity, in a spirit of selfless service

Sat Chit Ananda

And, finally, you learn to tap into your inherent bliss nature, radiating joy and love from within rather than seeking it outside of yourself. 

Experience the power of Elemental Yoga in our dedicated sangha

I believe that yoga and other spiritual practices are designed to make you more relevant, dynamic, and powerful so that you can be more more impactful and inspiring in the world. Yoga is not about retreating to a mountain cave but about bringing a newfound transformation and power into the world as we enter this exciting new age. And spiritual community is an essential component of that process.

The Cosmic Collective and Elemental Yoga is for regular people living busy lives: business people and family members who lead full lives off the mat. It is a grounded and practical, yet transformational yoga practice. No empty promises. No spiritual bypassing. No creepy gurus. This is not your mother’s yoga.

In this community you will learn that the practices are both powerful and accessible. Together we can collectively become more adaptable, powerful, conscious, and on-purpose while experiencing greater and more consistent love, connection, and bliss.

Let's take this journey together. See you inside.